Hustler b 58

Air Force photo. Air Force photo by Ken LaRock. Photo courtesy of Lyle Jansma, Aerocapture Images. In addition to the Hustler's delta wing shape, distinctive features included a sophisticated inertial guidance navigation and bombing system, a slender "wasp-waist" fuselage and an extensive use of heat-resistant honeycomb sandwich skin panels in the wings and fuselage. Convair built Bs: 30 test and pre-production aircraft and 86 for operational service. Hustlers flew in the Strategic Air Command between and
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Convair B-58 Hustler

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Convair B Hustler - Wikipedia

One of them, the Convair B Hustler, looks radical even today. With its long, slender fuselage, dramatically swept delta wing, and four big engines, the B looked fast even when it was on the ground. It was one of the first aircraft to take advantage of the knowledge that the way to overcome drag in supersonic flight is to sweep the wings at such an angle that the aircraft flies within the Mach cone, a three-dimensional bow wave formed around a body moving through the air at supersonic speed. When the wings are within that cone, the airflow over them remains subsonic. So successful were the Convair aerodynamicists at managing supersonic flight that on October 15, , the first production Hustler flew faster than Mach 2 for more than an hour. Refueling once, the aircraft traveled 1, miles in 80 minutes. Early in the development phase, engineers on the XFA discovered during wind tunnel tests that the highly swept, narrow-chord wing was very unstable.
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Convair B-58A Hustler

The Convair B Hustler is a high speed bomber designed and produced by American aircraft manufacturer Convair. It was the first operational bomber capable of Mach 2 flight. To achieve the high speeds desired, Convair designed it around a large delta wing , which was also used by contemporary fighters such as the Convair F
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