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Your hormones have a say in everything from ovulation to your appetite. Here is our complete guide to your most important hormones. Michelle Sponagle Updated March 28, Estrogen Estrogen is the hormone that makes you feel feminine you can thank it for your curvy figure and oversees your menstrual cycle.
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Men: Is Obesity Affecting Your Sex Life?

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Age, Weight, and My Sex Drive - NWHN

A healthy sex life is crucial to many women and their partners. This can become more complicated with age and weight. This could be caused by natural decreases in testosterone as we age as well as menopause causing falling estrogen levels. Health conditions such as high cholesterol often correlate with a high body weight. High body fat also leads to an increase of a chemical in the body called SHBG sex hormone binding globulin which binds testosterone, leaving less available to stimulate desire. While one should address any issues affecting their health, all women should feel free to explore their sexuality with their chosen partners, unhindered by beauty standards and norms. For more information on how obesity and age affect sexual desire in women, see these sources:.
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10 Ways Your Weight Can Affect Your Sex Life

Ironically, it seems that reducing your risk of unwanted pregnancy and giving you the freedom to have sex whenever you want can actually dampen your libido. Recent research has found that some hormonal birth control can lower the level of testosterone one of the hormones that get you in the mood in some women. Just like other medications, each type affects each woman differently, so talk to your doctor about which option is best for you and your sex life. Any changes in your hormones, especially estrogen, can pull the plug on your libido. During pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause your estrogen levels drop, which can result in low libido, vaginal dryness and a host of other symptoms that make sex difficult or even painful.
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Weight and libido are linked, but it is possible to experience those bow-chicka-wow-wow feelings without losing any weight. Learn how to lose your inhibitions, boost your libido, and regain your sex drive. Ever felt your desire flicker along with the fit of your jeans? The weight loss and libido connection is real: Your readiness to romp often depends on how you're feeling about your naked body. Studies show that having a body mass index BMI that's too high or too low messes with your mojo.
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